Employment Opportunities


    Want a challenging and rewarding job? Become a trader for Viking Forest Products LLC, a growing, progressive company that is financially strong.

    As a trader with Viking Forest Products, you are your own profit center. You get fully paid for your own performance. That means no cap on your earnings. No subjective limits tied to company profits. Our compensation system - in place for over 30 years with no downward adjustments - is the main reason that good traders stay with Viking.

    ► Grow your business with customers and mills throughout North America.
    ► Build long-lasting relationships - relationships based on integrity - with the people your buy from and sell to.
    ► Pursue opportunities for new products and new market niches.
    ► Explore potential inventories beyond Viking's current business model.

    If you are interesting in working for Viking Forest Products please email your resume to vfpsales@fctg.com

    • Open administrative Positions:

Construction Collection Specialist