Bruce Johnson


As President of Viking Forest Products, Bruce leverages the customer perspective he has gained through 34 years of broad-based experiences in the lumber business. Having worked as a buyer for a wholesale distributor, a retail contractor, a do-it-yourselfer yard and a truss plant before becoming a trader, he understands what it means to sit in the customer’s chair. Bruce applies that knowledge in upholding the company’s long-standing pledge: “We do what we say we are going to do". 

Bruce has lived in the Minneapolis area all his life. He thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and the diversity of seasons (“You have to if you live here!”). His special interests include cross-country skiing, golf and hockey. 

Bruce and his wife, Peggy, feel blessed and grateful to have their two children, Erik and Christina.


Contact Bruce at:  (800) 733-3801
E-mail: Bruce Johnson